Introduction to Compose Campaign

This is an application development session which will focus on basic technology details of Android Compose. All the tips and tricks right at our doors so that they reach our fingertips.

Sep 21, 2022, 2:15 – 3:15 PM



Key Themes

AndroidCareer DevelopmentCompose Camp

About this event

A series of 5 sessions dedicated to Android Compose known as the "Compose Camp".

Android Campaign enables you to create beautiful apps with direct access to the Android platform APIs and built-in support for Material Design, Dark theme, animations, and more.

The journey of creating beautiful apps is waiting to be walked upon. Hopping on to the journey of learning with a kickstart, We hope to mobilize ourselves and learn that hack, learn that skill and learn the fundamentals that will make one a great developer.


  • Arunima Ambastha


    GDSC Lead

  • Devashish Bhardwaj

    Tech Co Lead


    Graphics Lead

  • Sonal Honny

    Content Lead

  • Krish kumar

    Content Co-Lead

  • Harsh Lal Gupta

    Outreach Lead

  • Vaibhav Pratap

    Graphics Co-Lead

  • Sourabh Raj

    Tech Lead

  • Aditi Tripathi

    Outreach Co lead

  • Om kumar Sharma

    Sponsorship Co Lead

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