Google Cloud Study Jam

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of cloud computing? If so, don't miss our exclusive Google Cloud Study Jam info session, where you'll discover the exciting opportunities that await you in the cloud!

Sep 24, 2023, 1:30 – 3:30 PM



Key Themes

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About this event

Meet the Facilitator: Mr. Harsh Govind

Get to know the experienced and enthusiastic guide who will lead you through this cloud adventure.

What is Cloud Computing?

Understand the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and how it's transforming industries worldwide.

Why Enroll in the Study Jam?

Discover the benefits of participating in this program, from gaining valuable skills to earning certifications.

How to Participate in Google Cloud Study Jam

Learn about the registration process, study materials, and resources available to you.

Career and Internship Opportunities

Explore the exciting career prospects and internship opportunities that come with Google Cloud expertise.

Q & A Session πŸ€”β“

Ask your burning questions and clarify any doubts in an interactive Q & A session.

Don't miss this chance to kickstart your cloud journey and unlock a world of possibilities! Join us and be part of the future in cloud technology. See you there! πŸ‘‹πŸŒ₯ 


  • Arunima Ambastha


    GDSC Lead

  • Devashish Bhardwaj

    Tech Co Lead


    Graphics Lead

  • Sonal Honny

    Content Lead

  • Krish kumar

    Content Co-Lead

  • Harsh Lal Gupta

    Outreach Lead

  • Vaibhav Pratap

    Graphics Co-Lead

  • Sourabh Raj

    Tech Lead

  • Aditi Tripathi

    Outreach Co lead

  • Om kumar Sharma

    Sponsorship Co Lead

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