Flutter Forward Extended BIT Deoghar

About this event

During the hackathon, you'll have access to industry professionals and mentors who can offer guidance and support as you work to bring your idea to life. You'll also have the opportunity to collaborate with other talented developers, exchange ideas, and learn new skills.

At the end of the hackathon, you'll have the chance to present your app to a panel of judges and compete for amazing prizes. So whether you're interested in building a social media platform, a mobile game, or an e-commerce app, Flutter Fury is the perfect opportunity to turn your idea into a reality and show off your skills to the world.

Don't miss out on the chance to participate in this exciting and open idea hackathon. Register now and join us for a weekend of creativity, collaboration, and innovation!

Rules :

  • The hackathon is open to participants of all skill levels and backgrounds. The mobile app must be built using Flutter and Firebase.The app idea is open and can be related to any industry or sector.
  • Participants are encouraged to form teams of up to 3 members, but individual submissions are also accepted.
  • Participants must be present during the entire duration of the hackathon to be eligible for prizes.
  • All code must be written during the hackathon period. Pre-existing code is not allowed.
  • Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner towards fellow participants, organizers, and mentors.
  • Plagiarism and intellectual property violations are strictly prohibited.
  • The judges' decision will be final and binding.
  • By participating in the hackathon, participants agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the organizers.

We want to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants, so we kindly ask that everyone follows these rules. Good luck and have fun!