Celebrating the Culmination

About this event

31st October is a special date. It marks the day of Halloween, the end of Hacktoberfest and also, the culmination of the Hacktogen.

Hacktogen has been a wonderful journey. It was hosted parallelly with the Hacktoberfest, organised collaboratively by BITS PIlani (India), IIITDMJ (India), NUST (Namibia), BGU (Israel) and Iztech (Turkey).

Hacktogen has been sponsored by our Coding Partner, Coding Blocks and Skill Partner, Mentorbox.in.

With the culmination of Hacktogen, we invite Prateek Chachra, a full stack developer by job and humorist by passion, to make you all giggle.

We also have a message sent in by Google Relations Global Lead, Erica Hanson, who is also the Global lead of Developer Student Clubs.

Thank you, everyone, for being a part of this mega event. Join us for our last event.



Saturday, Oct 31
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (IST)