UIUXSeries #3 - The Roles of Visuals in UI Design

Binus University Malang
Sun, Mar 5, 1:20 PM (WIB)

About this event

In this UI/UX Series, we explore the critical roles of visuals in UI design with Fauzan Mustofa, a UI/UX Designer. Visuals play a vital role in creating an engaging and effective user interface, and Fauzan shares his insights on how to utilize them effectively to enhance the user experience.

In the discussion, Fauzan covers topics such as color theory, typography, iconography, and imagery. He shares tips on how to select the right visuals for a particular project and how to create a consistent visual language that aligns with the brand's message. This UI/UX Series is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the role of visuals in UI design and how to use them effectively to create an engaging and effective user interface.



Sunday, Mar 5
1:20 PM - 2:50 PM (WIB)