GDSC Binus International Info Session feat. Firebase: "Ignite Your Web Game Flame"

Binus University International - Jakarta, Indonesia

GDSC Info Session

Oct 9, 2021, 7:00 – 8:00 AM

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Heya everyone! Have you heard? GDSC is back again!

What's GDSC you ask? Well you're in luck because this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about our club. In this Info Session we'll be covering our future plans and events for the coming year, including, but not limited to Tech Talks, Hackathons, and Interactive Workshops. But wait, there's more. We'll show you how to create a simple game and host it using Google Firebase. And on top of that, a session by Mr Jude Joseph Lamug Martinez on the topic of "Multimodal Human Computer Interfaces", so look forward to that too!

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Saturday, 9th October 2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Jason Christian Hailianto

    Binus University International

    Solution Challenge Winner 2023

  • Jason Jeremy Wijadi

    Wonder Reader


  • Jude Joseph Lamug Martinez, MCS

    Binus University International

    CS Lecturer


  • Nadja Donosepoetro

    GDSC Lead

  • raihan zulfi


  • Clarissa Audrey

    Event Organiser

  • Syahluna Allegra


  • Priscilla Abigail


  • Stephanie Staniswinata

    GDSC Binus University International


  • Jason Jeremy Wijadi


  • Davin Neilson

    BINUS International University

    Technical Developer

  • Philipus Adriel Tandra


  • Winata Aditya Raysen Susanto

    Technical Developer

  • jonathan leewin

    Technical Developer

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