Android Study Jams Session #3

This is an event series for people who are new to programming and are interested in learning Android app development with the support of a study group. Write coroutines for complex code, and learn about HTTP and REST to get data from the internet. This session covers unit 4 from the course Android Basics in Kotlin.

About this event

Learn the basics of Android app development and start your journey as an Android Developer. GDSC IIITA in collaboration with GDSC BVCOE, GDSC SIES GST, GDSC GITAM VIZAG is kicking off the series of Android Study Jams 2021.

In this session, you will learn about the 4th unit from the course Android Basics in Kotlin.

What will you learn:

🔹 Coroutines: Write code for more advanced and complex Android apps.

🔹 Get Data from the Internet: Retrieve and display images over the internet with HTTP and REST.

We will also have a QnA session at the end to help you with your doubts. We encourage you to go through unit 4 so you can have an idea about what to expect.