Hacktoberfest with JinaAI

Join us in Hacktoberfest with JinaAI to learn about contributing to opensource. The talk will be led by Alex Cureton-Griffiths (Developer Relations Lead @ JinaAI) & Praveen Kumar Purshothaman (Lead Consultant @ Virtusa/LBG) Are you new to OpenSource? Get all your doubts regarding open source cleared. Also win swags like stickers, magnets from our sponsor JinaAI for attending the session.

About this event

On the highlight of Hacktoberfest 2021, Google Developer Student Clubs worldwide alongside Jina AI, brings to you a thorough session on Open Source contribution and experience exposure with domain experts speakers - Alex Cureton-Griffiths and Praveen Kumar Purushothaman!

Jina AI plans to release many new issues for hacktoberfest and if you make 4 PRs, hacktoberfest and digital ocean will give t-shirts and JinaAI have some special swags for hacktoberfest participants.

Participate for exciting goodies and surprises from Jina AI along with an enriching learning experience.