Arduino session 1

مكتبة مصر العامة,, benha, 13512

introduction to Arduino and Gpio

Aug 29, 2021, 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM



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Career Development

About this event

وها قد حانت اللحظة المرتقبة🥳🥳,....

ودقة ساعة التسجيل💻💻,.......

ايفنت "Arduino " اللي هتخرج منه باذن الله متعلم أساسياته كامله, ولو عندك فكرة حابب تنفذها أو روبوت خاص بيك🕹🕹فانت في المكان الصح👍 الغرض الأساسي من الايفنت ده هو اننا نتجمع كهواه أو مبتدئين💪💪 ونتعلم سوا كل حاجه ليها علاقه بالاردوينو💻 لحد منوصل لدرجة كبيره من الفهم تخلينا قادرين على انتاج افكارنا📈📈

💪💪العلم خلى كل خيال متاح, وبالسعي والمثابره تقدر توصل لخيالك💪💪,.......

في "GDSC" مستنينك تشرفنا لوحدك أو بالتيم بتاعك يوم 29/8 في مكتبة مصر العامة ولو مش عارف المكان تقدر توصل من هنا 👇👇

علشان نوصل بالعلم لخيالنا وتبدأ معاناا الرحلة لمدة خمس ايام 29،30،1،2،3😉😉,......

متنساش تملأ الفورم وتابعنا بحماس عالي جدا😁😁علشان التفاصيل هتزيد والرحله هتبقى ممتعه😉😉😇

And now the awaited moment has arrived ,....

And the accuracy of the registration hour 💻💻,......

The event "Arduino" that you will graduate from, God willing, learning its full basics, and if you have an idea that you would like to implement or a robot of your own 🕹🕹 you are in the right place 👍 The main purpose of this event is that we gather as a hobby or beginners 💪💪 and learn together everything that has to do with Arduino 💻 Until we reach a great degree of understanding, we are able to produce our ideas

💪💪 Science has made every imagination available, and with effort and perseverance you can reach your imagination 💪💪,.......

In "GDSC" waiting for you, we were honored by yourself or with your team on 29/8 at the Egyptian Public Library, and if you do not know the place, you can reach from here 👇👇

To connect science to our imagination and start the journey with us for five days 29, 31, 1, 2, 3 😉😉,......

Don't forget to fill out the form and follow us with very high enthusiasm 😁😁 because the details will increase and the trip will be fun 😉😉😉



Sunday, August 29, 2021
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


  • Abdelrhman Eslam

    Head Arduino


  • Said Elhadidi

    GDSC Benha

    GDSC Lead

  • Rana Mohamed

    Co-Lead Non-technical

  • Mohamed Diaa

    Co-Lead Technical

  • Mohamed Tamer

    Head HR

  • Fatima Usama

    Vice Head HR

  • Youssef Selim

    Head Marketing

  • Abdelrhman azazy

    Head logistics

  • Mohamed Elbaiomy

    Head Flutter

  • islam essam

    Head Cyber Security

  • Omar Ayman

    Head Problem Solving

  • Karim Tariq

    Vice Head Cyber Security

  • Saher Ali

    Head Data Analysis

  • Mohamed Sayed Sakr

    Vice Head Flutter

  • Shima _Noufal

    Head UI/UX

  • arwa fikry



  • Manar Mostafa

    Head Front-End

  • Rana Soliman

    Head PR

  • GDSC Benha University

    Technical Support

  • Ahmed Yasser

    Vice Head Marketing

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