Cloud Computing Study Jams

Get to know what cloud computing is all about. What a cloud is, and its benefits in the market and our programming life.

Sep 18, 2021, 4:00 – 6:30 PM



Key Themes

Google Cloud

About this event

Our first event is here! Get introduced to the world of cloud computing. Our session will get you informed throughout:

• Cloud intro

• Traditional computing vs Cloud computing

• Private cloud vs Public cloud vs Hybrid cloud

• Cloud models

• GCP Services

Also, an introduction about Qwiklabs where we will activate the free monthly subscription live and do a hands-on tutorial on a lab (Goggle Cloud Essentials).

❗KEEP IN MIND❗ enrolling and completing every quest on Qwiklabs will earn you a badge you can share on your social media and add to your CV


  • Oussama AL-Najjar


    GDSC Lead

  • Danah Alzaghir

    Computer Science Student

  • Dana Diab

    Data Analyst

  • Hala Fatfat

    Computer Science Student

  • Nour Assoum

    Computer science student

  • Mounir Haffar

    BAU Tripoli

    computer science student

  • Omar El Assaad

    computer science student

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