Soft skills: The difference between a 1x and 10x tech career

Bayero University Kano (BUK) New Site, Gwarzo Road, Rimin Gata, 700281

A 2-part soft skills training to help the university's tech community build soft skills that can supercharge their tech careers! Come and learn how to 10x your tech journey!

Jan 27, 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM



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About this event

There's already so much emphasis on the technical skills required for a successful tech career. 

Codelabs, bootcamps, courses, and other instructional lessons are so abundant a single Google search will bring you loads. 

But despite the abundance of resources, most people's tech careers are still sloth-like—frustratingly slow & even stagnant at times. 

This can be quite demotivating. And honestly, it doesn't have to be that way. 

What, then, is the problem? 

A lack of the soft skills required to supercharge your career. 

A successful tech career needs two things: 

1. A solid understanding of your chosen skill and industry. 

2. Excellent soft skills. 

Either you're just beginning your tech journey or you've gone far, you need four major soft skills: 

        1. Badass communication skill.

        2. Excellent positioning/personal branding/pitching

        3. Emotional Intelligence

        4. Sterling workplace ethic

This program will be the most hands-on practical session you've ever attended. Our resource persons will explain, in clear practical mode, how to build and master ALL of these four, and how you can immediately apply them in your day-to-day activities as a TECH enthusiast. 

The program will be in TWO parts: 

Part 1 (Day 1):  Our resource persons will teach & guide you on ALL these four in intensive, power-packed sessions. 

Same day, you will be paired into groups and will work together on a specific project that is SDG-related. 

2 weeks after, we will have Part 2 (Day 2): You will come and practicalize what you have learnt in a Pitch-a-thon & pitching contest. 

Your friends can come cheer you up as audience and there'll be refreshments for ALL. 

There will be judges and the top THREE (3) groups will walk home with prize money. The top 3 groups will also submit these ideas to Google for the annual Solutions Challenge—another chance for them to win $$$$$ if selected. 

What else are you waiting for? 

Reserve your seat NOW! 



Saturday, January 27, 2024
8:00 AM – 1:30 PM UTC


  • Sarafadeen Ibrahim

    Linode, Lambdatest, etc — Freelance/Remote

    GDSC Lead

  • Jibril Wuya

    Community Relations Manager

  • Barakat Omolara

    Events Lead

  • Mohammed Al Ameen

    Technical Lead

  • Munir Abdullahi

    Member, Events team

  • Awodi Abdulmujeeb

    Hybrid Tech

    Graphics Lead

  • Amina A Zubair

    Public Relations & Partnerships

  • Kadir Abdulkudus

    Member, Technical team



    Member, Events team

  • Ibrahim Yabagi Habib

    Member, Technical team


    Member, Community Relations team

  • Khabab Adelere

    Graphics Co-Lead

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