Unlocking Career Potential: A Conversation with Our Director and Academic Dean

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"Joined us for an engaging discussion on career development with our esteemed Director and Academic Dean in collaboration with the GDSC (Google Developer Student Club). Participants gained valuable insights, industry tips, and guidance to propel their careers to new heights. It was an opportunity not to be missed as attendees charted their paths to success!"

Sep 18, 2023, 8:15 – 10:30 AM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Cultivating Career Excellence: A Dialogue with Our Visionaries" was an exclusive event where participants had the chance to interact with our Director and Academic Dean. This conversation was tailored to empower attendees on their journey toward career excellence. They discovered the secrets to success, heard inspiring stories, and received practical advice on career development.

In partnership with the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC), we were thrilled to provide participants with this unique opportunity to engage with these distinguished speakers. Whether they were students looking to kickstart their careers or professionals aiming for the next level, this event offered valuable insights for everyone.

Key Highlights:

- Insights from our Director and Academic Dean on career development

- Personal anecdotes and wisdom from accomplished professionals

- Open Q&A session for attendees to get answers to their career-related questions

- Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals

This event enriched the understanding of career growth and provided the inspiration needed to achieve attendees' goals. It was an opportunity that could have shaped their futures!



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