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Bakhtiyarpur College of Engineering - Patna, India

We present to you a desirous opportunity to bump up your skill-set, by making proper use of this interactive GIT workshop. What more now? Getting greedy? Aaargh….Okay, for greater takeaways --- we present to you: GIT & GITHUB INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP { ft.Hactober Fest !!! } Speaker: Abhishek Kumar

Sep 30, 2021, 1:30 – 2:30 PM

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Was there a time when you wished if you could retrieve your older version of your code?

Yeah, we have all been there, right? But there are few smart script kiddies among us who know

how to revert the present blunders to the past with just a few strokes of commands. Yeah, we

are talking about the programmer’s time travel code snippet set, popularly known as GIT. [ a.k.a.

Linus’ god mode ]

Date: 30th September

Time: 7 pm

RSVP to learn about Git and make that first mergeable PR!


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