Weave A Web : Introduction to Web Development and HTML

About this event

Hello everyone 👋

The new year is going to get much more exciting with a series of events related to various technical domains that we have planned.
We are starting with 'Weave a Web 🕸️' the first campaign from the long list. It's a series of event where our speakers will be introducing you all to the world of web development. We will be hosting sessions and quizzes each day and there are exciting rewards for the best performers💫 

Day 1 :- Introduction to Web Development and HTML
- On the first day, our speakers will be providing introduction to Web Development and move on to introduce you to some common html tags and help you in developing a project using the concepts covered in the event.

RSVP and Join us tomorrow to know more🤗
🗓️ Friday, 27th January,
⏰ 9:15 pm - 10:45 pm
See you at the event 🤗
Happy Learning ❣️