Power Up Your Workflow with Prompt Engineering!

Babcock University - Ilishan-Remo, Nigeria

πŸš€ Join us for the grand finale of our 4-week workshop series! 🌟 Don't miss "Power Up Your Workflow with Prompt Engineering" featuring Fatimah Ismaila, a leading embedded systems programmer.

Jun 15, 3:00 – 5:00 PM

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πŸš€ Join us for the grand finale of our 4-week workshop series! 

Prompt engineering is essential for optimizing interactions with AI, enhancing efficiency, and creating seamless user experiences. Learn from Fatimah's extensive experience and gain practical skills to boost your productivity and innovation πŸŒŸ Discover the power of prompt engineering and how it can revolutionize your workflow with insights from Fatimah Ismaila, an expert in embedded systems programming.

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  • Fatimah Ismaila

    TD4PAI IoT Hub

    Embedded Systems Programmer


  • Lillian Onofiok

    GDSC Babcock Lead

  • Abdul-Qawi Laniyan

    Dev League Lead


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  • Lillian Onofiok


    GDSC Lead

  • Orinayo Adewusi

    Media & Marketing Lead

  • Daniel Raji

    Media & Marketing Co-Lead

  • Samuel Abolo


    Technical Team Lead

  • Expensivepraise Lucas

    Community Relations Lead

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    Human Resources Manager

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    Assistant Event Manager

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    Event Manager

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