Android Study Jams 2021 - Info Session

Android Study Jams are a series of study groups, workshops or sessions organized and facilitated by a GDSC campus for their students to kick start their learning on Modern Android Application Development using Kotlin. Students will learn how to develop their very own beautiful & functional Android apps.

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About this event

The #AndroidStudyJams program is an opportunity to learn how to build Android apps in the Kotlin programming language, using the curriculum provided by Google. During this campaign, Facilitator will provide you an Android Basics in Kotlin course which will be tracked by him from your Google Developer Profile (make sure to make it public), form a team and develop an Open Source app that will be solving a real life problem.

Learn Android Fundamentals in a way that blends theory and practice to help you build great apps the right way, the best practices of mobile development in general and Android development in particular.