Learn Mobile Applications using Flutter | Day01 (Introduction)

Azal University for Human Development, west 60th Street next to the modern European Hospital -, Sana'a, 00000

Learn Mobile Applications using Flutter | Day01 (Introduction)

Oct 28, 2022, 9:00 – 11:15 PM



Key Themes

Career DevelopmentFirebaseFlutter

About this event

Introduction to the track.

About the Yemen Hackathon.

A glimpse into the Global Solutions Challenge.

What is programming and what does a program mean?

What is Framework Flutter?

Why Flutter and how do Flutter work?

Install the working environment of Flutter?

Discuss installation problems and solutions for the environment?


  • Naif Mohammed

    GDSC Lead Azal University

    Azal University for Human Development


  • Musaab Hammadi

    GDSC Lead

  • Mohammed Al_Rifai

    Vice Lead

  • Abubakar Ba_Omar

    Technical Lead

  • عُلا عبدالله ناجي

    Content Creator Lead


    Graphic Design Lead

  • Amjed Al-saif

    Public Relations Lead

  • Hanan Hamoud

    Technical Team

  • Mohammed Al-khawlani

    Technical Team

  • Sara Alsharif

    Technical Team

  • Ibrahim Almonifi

    Public Relations Team

  • Hamza Almamri

    Public Relations Team

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