Introduction to Data Science

Why Data science became so popular ? Four V’s of Big Data Data-Driven Decisions Type of Data Analytics Team Data science process Data science skills

Sep 8, 2020, 6:00 – 7:00 PM



Key Themes

Machine Learning

About this event

Alone you can go fast,, but together we can go far 💫

In the name of most DSC Egypt branches we are introducing you to the immense "Data science Track"

To know all about Data science and its required skills , The Four V’s of Big Data, Data-Driven Decisions and Type of Data Analytics.🔝

take the chance of being a data scientist,

You will get into this and work alongside our professional Eng/Ahmed Mohy

Who has a massive experience in Data science field 🔥🔥

Eng/Ahmed Mohy's Bio:

- Data science Lead at AIM technologies.

- Data scientist at Etisalat UAE.

- Senior data scientist at Vodafone Egypt

By finishing the track you get a gift box,

T-shirt from Google and a certificate of attendance ⚡ 💪

All you have to is enrolling to bevy link:

The introduction session will be held on Tuesday at 8 pm

And the rest of the course will start at Saturday 12 of September🤝

اتحادنا دايما بيكملنا، ويوصلنا لطريق اوسع للخبرة والمعرفة✨

و من المنطلق دا اتجمعت اغلب فروع DSC Egypt عشان تقدم كورس كامل فى Data science

وتتيحلنا الفرصة نتعرف على المجال من البداية واهم مصطلحاته ومتطلباته🔥

الكورس يشمل كل الجوانب اللى محتاج تعرفها زى :

- What is Data Science?

- Why should you learn Data Science?

- Why Data science became so popular nowadays?

- Data science Required skills.

- The Four V’s of Big Data.

- Data-Driven Decisions.

- Type of Data Analytics.

- Data science Team process.

كل دا هياخدنا لبدايته ونعرفه اكتر مع

باشمهندس/ أحمد محي 🔥

وهو أجدر شخص يكملنا عن المجال نظرا لخبرته الواسعة من خلال تجربته وعمله فى:

- Data science Lead at AIM technologies.

- Data scientist at Etisalat UAE.

- Senior data scientist at Vodafone Egypt.

السيشن التقديمية مع م/أحمد محى هتكون يوم الثلاثاء ٨ مساء

وبحضورك للتراك اللى هيبدأ يوم السبت ١٢ سبتمبر تقدر تحصل على تيشرت وgift box من جوجل وشهادة حضور من البرانش🔝💫

عشان تحضر لازم تسجل على اللينك دا👇






  • ahmed mohy

    AIM technologies

    Data Science Lead


  • Farah Abdou


    GDSC Lead

  • Hadeer Ramadan


    PR Lead

  • Lamiaa Gabriel

    Back-End Lead

  • abdelrhman hani

    Front-End Lead

  • Amr Nour

    Multimedia Lead

  • Abdelrahman Modather

    HR Lead

  • Shadi Kamal

    Social Media & Marketing Lead

  • Mustafa Alaa

    Flutter Lead

  • Omar Saad

    UI/UX Lead

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