Machin Learning Track Session 4

Assiut University - Assiut, Egypt

****** Exploring machine learning ***** 1-introduction for machine learning and it’s application 2-important libraries for machine learning 3-how to build ml from scratch 4-how to use Sklearn and TensorFlow for ml

Oct 21, 2020, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

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Key Themes

Machine Learning

About this event

Machine learning is already widely applied 🌐

It's the technology behind Facial recognition, texting and spam filters in your inbox , online shopping and viewing recommendations and so much more💢

But How does it work ?

Our ability to learn and get better at tasks through experience is part of being human ⚡

Machine learning brings together statistics and computer science to enable computers to learn how to do a given task without being programmed to do so,

Just as your brain uses experience to improve a task, the more data the computer receives the more accurate it can be💯

To dig deeper in This Science,, Here is a Machine learning Track prepared by DSC Assiut especially for you🔥

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التطورات والتقدم التكنولوجى حوالينا وصل لأوسع ابوابه وبإستخدامه قدرنا نوصل لتعليم الآتنا وصولا لإنجاز مهاماتنا⚡🌐

وبالتالى بقى دايما السر ورا بناء منصات التواصل الإجتماعى، التسوق الإلكترونى، مساعدة العلماء والأطباء وحتى التسجيل بالبصمات والتعرف على الأوجه هو مصطلح" Machine learning"💥

وبقى أسرع تطوير ليها هو تصميمها وتزويدها بالبيانات عشان تشتغل بنفس الطريقة بالظبط زى ما عقلنا بيتعامل مع المهمات الجديدة وانجازها اعتمادا منه على خبراته السابقة💹

عشان نتعمق أكتر فى المجال دا..DSC Assiut مجهزالكم تراك متكامل ف Machine learning تقدروا بيه تحطوا أول خطوايكوا على الطريق ونكمل وتكمل لغاية ما تبقى خبير 👌🔥

سجل معانا فى التراك من اللينك👇






  • Omar Hemied

    Faculty of Computer and information - Assuit University

    software engineer

  • Tawadros Gamal

    GDSC Assiut

    Software Engineer

  • Margo Sabry

    GDSC Assiut

    software engineer

  • Eman Mahmoud Ahmed Hussien

    Faculty of Computer and information - Assuit University

    software engineer

  • Asmaa Wajeah AbdelAziz

    Faculty of Engineering Assuit - University

    Robotics Engineer

  • Marwan Mohammed Rabie

    Faculty of Computer and information - Assuit University

    software engineer


  • Abdelrhman Eyad

    GDSC Assiut



  • Abdalrhman Reda

    Head of Flutter team

  • Salma Osama

    GDSC Lead

  • Hanaa Yafez

    Graphic designer

  • Mariam Hassan

    Head of HRM Committee

  • Mohamed Ahmed Abdelhameed

    Human resources manager

  • Asala Osman

    Graphic designer

  • Dalia Yasser

    Public relations committee

  • Omnia Esmat


    Human resources manager

  • Mohamed Gad

    Member of Social media committee

  • Kirolos Ayman

    Member of data science and machine learning team

  • Manar Serri

    Member of public relations team

  • Sarah Ahmed

    Flutter team

  • Alaa Sayed

    Human resources manager

  • mahmoud rafat

    Cyber security team instructor

  • Ashraf Hussien

    Human Recourses Manager

  • Hatem Mohamed

    GDSC Assiut University Co-Lead

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