Google Cloud Essentials

The session will discuss: _ Google cloud platform _ cloud computing _ cloud resources _ virtualization _ Data centers

Sep 25, 2020, 5:00 – 7:00 PM



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Google Cloud

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** What is the Google cloud 🤔💭? Why do we need it😅?

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From 7 pm to 9 pm...✨

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#Google_Cloud 💭

**ازاي ال google could هايلة.. وهتفدينا كتير..😅؟!

...دا هنعرفه ف السيشن.. اللي هيقدمة / عبدالرحمن إياد... مؤسس DSC Assist😌✌

**اي هي تقنية الGoogle Cloud 💭🤔؟؟ واي هو سبب احتياجنا ليها😅؟؟

استنونا يوم الجمعة. 25/9..✌

من الساعة 7pm :9pm..✨

احنا كمان هنستناكم عشان نقولكم الاجابة.. 🤗👀

** بقا عندك رغبة انك تعرف اساسيات ال google Cloud😃؟! عايز تحدد اهميتها بالنسبالك هتكون قد اي🤓؟؟

إبدأ السيشن و هتتعلم كل دا و أكتر 😉😄

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  • Abdelrhman Eyad

    GDSC Assiut



  • Abdalrhman Reda

    Head of Flutter team

  • Salma Osama

    GDSC Lead

  • Hanaa Yafez

    Graphic designer

  • Mariam Hassan

    Head of HRM Committee

  • Mohammed Ali Rayan

    Human resources manager

  • Mohamed Ahmed Abdelhameed

    Human resources manager

  • Asala Osman

    Graphic designer

  • Dalia Yasser

    Public relations committee

  • Omnia Esmat


    Human resources manager

  • Mohamed Gad

    Member of Social media committee

  • Kirolos Ayman

    Member of data science and machine learning team

  • Manar Serri

    Member of public relations team

  • Sarah Ahmed

    Flutter team

  • Alaa Sayed

    Human resources manager

  • mahmoud rafat

    Cyber security team instructor

  • Ashraf Hussien

    Human Recourses Manager

  • Hatem Mohamed

    GDSC Assiut University Co-Lead

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