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Apr 5, 2023, 8:00 – 9:30 PM



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MobileSolution ChallengeUI / UX

About this event

"Life is a game, there could be many players. If you don't play with them, they will play with you"

مجال Gaming من أكتر المجالات الممتعة في وقتنا الحالي، علشان كده هيكون معانا سيشن هنتعرف فيها علي:

- Game genres

- Game engine expression

- Unity

- How to start & continue

وتفاصيل اكتر بكتير ،هتقدمهالنا :

Dr/ Rahma Tolba

◾ More than 10 years experience as graphic designers for international accounts in Dubai and USA

◾PHD student at the Faculty of Computer Science, Ain Shams University

◾Obtained her Master's Degree in Facial animation and contributed to enhancing FACS (Facial Action Coding System)

◾Lecturer in Game Development Department, School of Computer Science, CIC


  • Rahma Tolba

    Ain Shams University

    PHD Student at CS


Al-Razi University logo

Al-Razi University


  • Abdalrhman Reda

    Head of Flutter team

  • Salma Osama

    GDSC Lead

  • Hanaa Yafez

    Graphic designer

  • Mariam Hassan

    Head of HRM Committee

  • Mohamed Ahmed Abdelhameed

    Human resources manager

  • Asala Osman

    Graphic designer

  • Dalia Yasser

    Public relations committee

  • Omnia Esmat


    Human resources manager

  • Mohamed Gad

    Member of Social media committee

  • Kirolos Ayman

    Member of data science and machine learning team

  • Manar Serri

    Member of public relations team

  • Sarah Ahmed

    Flutter team

  • Alaa Sayed

    Human resources manager

  • mahmoud rafat

    Cyber security team instructor

  • Ashraf Hussien

    Human Recourses Manager

  • Hatem Mohamed

    GDSC Assiut University Co-Lead

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