Pudgy Penguins Malaysia Design Competition

Asia Pacific University
Apr 25 - May 13, 12:00 AM (GMT+8)

About this event

Pudgy Penguins/Malaysia is looking for some talents from universities. Would like to ask if you guys are interested.

In regards to this, Pudgy Penguins has launched a designing competition with a prize pool of RM 500

The competition is being held from 25th April to 13th May, for more information on the competition, check out the link attached


Hiring announcement from Pudgy Penguins:

Details for designers

1) required to produce animated cartoon stickers, posters, gifs and short videos.

Can be done on a part time basis first, before joining full time.

Details for website developers (on a project/ part time basis)

1) Able to create a seamless e-commerce website that automates sales and purchases

2) Able to create a webpage that could track crypto/ NFT prices

3) Bonus : able to integrate nfts and crypto into real world products

Work can be done Remotely

Both competition submission and job application can be done via email: pudgymalaysia@gmail.com