Cybersecurity Capture the Flag (CTF) Challenge

Embark on the GDSC APU CTF Challenge this March! Play the monthly cybersecurity challenge and, if you're feeling creative, submit your own challenges for a chance to be featured in April. This month, the theme is Hari Raya, so submitting challenges that match the theme is highly recommended. Join WhatsApp for updates, RSVP Now, and stand a chance to win a badge as the top 3 challenge creator

Mar 1, 2:27 PM – Mar 27, 2:28 PM



Key Themes

Solution Challenge

About this event


1. Challenge Review

  • The overall goal of challenge review is to keep challenges accessible, consistent, appropriate, high quality, and engaging to our users
  • Challenges are tested and reviewed by Chai Cheng Xun and Casey Tan Wai Kaey, who validate the quality of challenge against carefully defined requirements

2. Challenge Review Process

  • GDSC will accept challenge submissions between the 1st and 25th of every month
  • Submission undergo a review process
  • A brief summary of the criteria is stated below
  • Only 3 challenges will be selected monthly

3. Challenge Review Criteria Overview

  • Please take note that the evaluation of relevance is relatively more flexible compared to other criteria due to the inherent difficulty in accurately assessing a challenge’s relevance

How to Participate

  • Registration: Click on the following link and complete the registration process. 
  • Join WhatsApp: Be in the loop with all event updates! Join our dedicated WhatsApp Group to receive real-time information, and announcements, and connect with fellow participants. Click here to join our WhatsApp group 
  • Exclusive CTF Link: View our monthly challenges created by our participants on our CTF platform 
  • Embark on Challenges: Dive into the world of cybersecurity challenges, test your skills, and strategize your way to victory. It's your chance to prove your mettle and showcase your expertise in a variety of scenarios.
  • Challenge Submission: Calling all creative minds! During March, you are welcomed to submit challenges here and stand a chance to be featured in our monthly CTF events. The top 3 creators will be rewarded with a prestigious badge and recognition. Don't miss out on this opportunity to contribute to the community!
  • The theme of next month will be Hari Raya. It's best if you submit challenges matching this theme.
  • Rules & Regulation: For more details, kindly refer to the following link 

Gear up, prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience, and let the GDSC APU CTF Event be a memorable journey in your cybersecurity pursuits. See you at the top!


  • Kai Yong Lai

    GDSC Advisor

  • Weoy Yang Ang

    Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)

    GDSC Lead

  • Joe Ying Lau

    GDSC Co-Lead

  • Mohammed Abdul Rasheed

    GDSC Co-Lead

  • Ash Char

    GDSC Head Secretary

  • Jasmine Lawrence

    GDSC Assistant Head Secretary

  • Angeline Tee

    GDSC Head Treasurer

  • Xin Yee Liew

    TrueMoney Malaysia

    GDSC Public Relations Lead

  • Nikitha Upadhya

    GDSC Public Relations Co-Lead

  • Lee Jang Jhin

    GDSC Public Relations Co-Lead

  • Quinci Tee

    GDSC Creative Marketing Lead

  • renee nyong

    GDSC Creative Marketing Co-Lead

  • Kah Xuan Cheah

    Asia pacific university

    GDSC Creative Marketing Co-Lead

  • Suzanne Lai

    GDSC AI Lead

  • Jack Pang Chong

    GDSC AI Co-Lead

  • Wei Hup Tan

    Asia Pacific University

    GDSC Web Development Lead

  • Johnson Chin

    DevVibe Solutions

    GDSC Web Development Co-Lead

  • Casey Tan

    GDSC Cybersecurity Lead

  • Chai Cheng Xun

    GDSC Cybersecurity Co-Lead

  • Ng Li Sheng

    GDSC App Development Lead

  • Dalton Gan

    Asia Pacific University

    GDSC App Development Co-Lead

  • Sattish Shewkani

    GDSC Core Team Committee

  • Zachary Ang

    GDSC Core Team Committee

  • Chai WaiiYuan

    GDSC Core Team Committee

  • Cheong SK

    GDSC Core Team Committee

  • Dora Tam

    GDSC Core Team Committee