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Onboarding Participants of GEN AI Study Jams

May 1, 2:00 – 2:30 PM



Key Themes

DuetAIGeminiML Study Jam

About this event

Welcome to Gen AI Study Jams!

Are you ready to dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence? Join us for an immersive experience designed to empower you with AI knowledge and hands-on skills!

What to Expect:

Insightful Sessions: Explore a range of topics led by seasoned AI experts, from machine learning basics to advanced neural networks.

Hands-on Workshops: Roll up your sleeves and code alongside industry professionals in practical workshops, gaining real-world experience.

Interactive Learning: Engage in lively discussions, ask questions, and collaborate with fellow participants in interactive sessions.

Exclusive Resources: Access curated materials tailored to enhance your learning journey and equip you with the tools to thrive in AI.

Get ready to unlock the potential of AI with Gen AI Study Jams!


  • Niraj Modi


    GDSC Lead

  • Jayanta Pandit

    Android Lead

  • Bishal Bhattacharjee


    Competitive Programming Lead

  • Anirban Sinha

    Social Media & Outreach Lead

  • Arnab Chatterjee

    Web Technologies Lead

  • Aditya Shaw

    Tensor Flow User Group

    UI/UX Lead

  • Md Amir Khan

    UI/UX Facilitator

  • Rounak Kayal

    Graphic Designer

  • Riya Kumari

    Web Technologies Facilitator

  • Gourav Rajak

    AI/ML Facilitator

  • Rajdip Sinha

    Renderbit Technologies

    Frontend Lead


    Competitive Programming Facilitator

  • Bikash Agarwala

    Web Technologies Facilitator

  • Bhumi Sinha

    Content Writer

  • 1057_IT_Shruti Parna

    Graphic Designer

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