Gemini Pro: A Workshop with Romin Irani πŸš€

Join us for our second workshop on January 16th, 7 PM onwards, featuring the incredible Romin Irani. Learn how to integrate Gemini Pro into your projects through his demo. Don't miss out on this chance to supercharge your skills! 🌟

Jan 16, 1:30 – 3:00 PM



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About this event

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming workshop, "Unlocking Potential with Gemini Pro," scheduled for January 16th, starting at 7 PM. This exciting event will be led by the fantastic Romin Irani, who will guide you through an engaging demo on leveraging the power of Gemini Pro in your projects.

Gemini Pro is a game-changer, and Romin Irani will explore its practical applications, providing valuable insights and hands-on techniques. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this workshop caters to all skill levels.

Event Highlights:

Date: January 16th

Time: 7 PM Onwards

Speaker: Romin Irani

Topic: Unlocking Potential with Gemini Pro

Format: Interactive Session

Bring your questions, curiosity, and enthusiasm as we delve into the capabilities of Gemini Pro together. πŸ€”πŸ’‘

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to stay ahead of industry trends, gain practical knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals. Join us on January 16th for an evening of discovery and collaboration. See you there! πŸŽ‰


  • Jigar Vyas

    Arya College of Engineering and IT

    GDSC Lead"23

  • Sunidhi Swami



  • Piyush Sharma

    faculty advisor

  • Jigar vyas


    GDSC Lead

  • Sunidhi Swamy


  • Jahnwi -

    AI/ML Lead

  • Ayush Pandey

    Management Lead

  • Vaishali Tanwar

    AL & ML Co-Lead

  • Mohit Yogi

    Arya College Of Engineering and Information Technology

    GDSC Co- Lead

  • Ishita .

    App Development Lead

  • Param Nama

    App Development Co-Lead

  • Sheen Khan

    Design Co-lead

  • Priya Sharma

    Management Co-Lead

  • GDSC Atul Raj

    Design Lead

  • Pranay Sinha


    Web Development Lead

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