Bootcamp: Using and Understanding git & github

Join us at the GDSCATC Git & GitHub Bootcamp, a comprehensive workshop designed to empower you with the skills to master Git and GitHub. This bootcamp is tailored for coding enthusiasts and professionals looking to elevate their development workflow, foster better collaboration, and contribute to open-source projects with confidence.

May 4, 5:00 PM – May 7, 5:00 PM



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About this event

GDSCATC Git & GitHub Bootcamp: Master the Power of Version Control and Collaboration

Join us at the GDSCATC Git & GitHub Bootcamp, a transformative journey designed to empower you with the skills to master Git and GitHub. This intensive, hands-on bootcamp is tailored for developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts looking to elevate their coding practices and foster a culture of collaboration within our GDSCATC community.

What You'll Learn:

Fundamentals of Git: Dive into the basics of Git, the distributed version control system that revolutionizes how we manage and track changes in our codebase.

GitHub Essentials: Explore GitHub, the leading platform for hosting and reviewing code, managing projects, and building software alongside millions of developers worldwide.

Collaboration Techniques: Learn best practices for collaborating with others on GitHub, including branching strategies, pull requests, and resolving merge conflicts.

Real-World Projects: Apply your new skills in real-world scenarios, contributing to open-source projects and collaborating with peers from around the globe.

Why Join the Bootcamp?

Skill Enhancement: Boost your technical skills and become proficient in Git and GitHub, tools that are essential for modern software development.

Community Building: Connect with like-minded individuals, learn from each other, and build a strong network within the GDSCATC community.

Project Experience: Gain practical experience by contributing to real projects, adding value to the open-source ecosystem and enhancing your portfolio.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who are looking to know and understanding how to use both git and github



May 4 – 7, 2024
5:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


Introduction to Git and Github


  • Is-haka Mbarouk

    GDSC-ATC Lead


  • Is-haka Mbarouk

    GDSC Lead

  • Mofat Gibson


    development and probleam solving

  • Abdurafiu Abdumarick



  • Steven Body

    Luo Technologies

    Technical Lead | CEO

  • Gabriel pro

    Technical Lead | Cybersecurity

  • Aumsuri Amos

    Technical lead | Graphics Designer

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