Cloud Hero - BigQuery with Data & ML

Arizona State University - Tempe
Oct 10 - 20, 2020, 11:30 AM (MST)

About this event

Cloud Hero is a hands-on training event using the game functionality on Qwiklabs to help technical practitioners gain skills through interactive learning in a fun and competitive environment. Cloud Hero brings developers together to compete against one another in gamified labs by using their Google Cloud skills. 


Sunhacks is a yearly Fall hackathon (ideathon, coding marathon, prototyping marathon, etc) designed to support students in their innovative journeys. Sunhacks is for students of all skill levels, and our job as organizers is to support you by providing the resources you need to achieve your development dreams. We provide you with workshops, mentors, community connections, and peers who are motivated to help each other succeed and reach their goals. If you are interested in taking part in additional events inside of Sunhacks, please RSVP for this event prior to registration closing.


  • Arnav Aghav

    Arnav Aghav

    GDSC Lead