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Master Machine Learning Classification with Pandas: From Pigeons to Power Plants! (Part 2)

Apr 22, 3:00 – 4:00 PM



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Welcome back, data wranglers! In Part 2 of our pandas and machine learning classification adventure, we'll build upon your newfound skills to train and evaluate powerful classification models.

Here's what we'll conquer:

Unveiling the magic of machine learning algorithms: We'll explore popular algorithms like K-Nearest Neighbors, Decision Trees, and Support Vector Machines used for classification tasks.

Train like a champion: Learn how to train these algorithms on your prepared data (built in Part 1) to create classification models.

Test your mettle: We'll delve into model evaluation techniques to assess the accuracy and effectiveness of your classification models.

Fine-tuning for peak performance: Explore methods to improve your model's performance through techniques like hyperparameter tuning.

Part 2 is perfect for those who:

Completed Part 1 and are eager to take the next step - building and evaluating classification models.

Grasped the basics of pandas and want to apply them to real-world machine learning problems.

Are curious about how machine learning algorithms make predictions and how to measure their success.

Get ready for:

Interactive exercises where you'll build and evaluate your own classification models using pandas and machine learning libraries like scikit-learn.

Clear explanations to solidify your understanding of classification algorithms and evaluation techniques.

Practical examples to solidify your learning (remember those pigeons and power plants?).

By the end of Part 2, you'll be a confident pandas user equipped to tackle machine learning classification challenges! You'll have the skills to prepare data, train models, and evaluate their performance, making you a valuable asset in any data science project.



Monday, April 22, 2024
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM UTC


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