Machine learning Heart Disease Project Session 1

AAST, Nozha, El Nozha, 4471312

H Disease PT1

Apr 22, 3:21 – 5:21 PM



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About this event

Workshop Title: Fight the Silent Killer: Using Machine Learning to Classify Heart Disease

In this workshop, you'll explore the cutting edge of medical diagnosis with machine learning! We'll delve into how machine learning algorithms can be used to analyze patient data and identify risk factors for heart disease, a leading cause of death globally.

What you'll learn:

The fundamentals of machine learning and its applications in healthcare

How machine learning models can be trained to classify heart disease using real-world data sets

Different machine learning algorithms used for heart disease prediction, like Random Forest and Support Vector Machines

Explore the ethical considerations of using machine learning in medicine

Who should attend:

Individuals with an interest in machine learning and its potential impact on healthcare

Medical professionals looking to understand how AI can assist in diagnosis

Anyone curious about heart disease and its prevention

Workshop format:

Interactive sessions with hands-on exercises (no prior coding experience required!)

Clear explanations from our expert instructors

Opportunity to ask questions and discuss the future of machine learning in cardiology

By the end of this workshop, you'll gain a solid understanding of how machine learning is revolutionizing the fight against heart disease.

Don't miss this chance to explore the exciting intersection of technology and medicine!



Monday, April 22, 2024
3:21 PM – 5:21 PM UTC


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    GDSC Lead

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    Web Development Head

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    Head of Logistics

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    Core Team Director

  • Ali ElSharkawi

    Machine Learning & AI head

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