Back-End Web development Workshop session

About this event

The Back-End Web Development Workshop is a session designed to introduce participants to the world of back-end web development. The session will cover topics such as the definition of back-end web development, the tools required for the job, and the different technologies used in back-end development.

The first topic covered will be an introduction to back-end web development, which will include a brief overview of what back-end development is and its importance in the world of web development. Participants will learn about the role of the back-end in powering the functionality of websites and web applications.

The second topic covered will be the installation and configuration of Git Bash and Hyper Terminal, which are important tools for developers to interact with code repositories and servers.

The third topic covered will be Node JS, a popular back-end development technology. Participants will learn what Node JS is, its benefits, and how it can be used to develop server-side applications.

Finally, the session will conclude with a tutorial on installing Node JS and nodemon, a tool that automatically restarts the server when changes are made to the code. Overall, the Back-End Web Development Workshop is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about back-end web development and the technologies that power it.