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جهز نفسك للمسابقات وال Hackathons الكبيره اللى بتحصل حوليك 💵 ادرس فكرتك صح وادرس السوق صح ✅ طور من نفسك واكتسب skills جديده ✨

Mar 31, 8:00 – 9:00 PM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Our Business Analysis course plan🤓

- Introduction to Software Business Analysis

- Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

- Eliciting and Documenting Requirements

- Business Process Modeling

- Feasibility Studies and Cost-Benefit Analysis

- Communication and Collaboration Skills

- Software Development Methodologies

- Tools for Business Analysts

- Case Studies and Best Practices

- Course Wrap-Up and Review Projects

عدد ساعات الكورس 14 Hours

بمعدل 10 sessions

مع business consultant. Basma Abdelaziz ✨

Master Instructor in Business (TIEC | Creativa) ف وزارة الاتصالات

Business Consultant

Risk Management and Business Continuity Consultant

Operational Manager

Project Manager

Business Architect & Business Analysis

Full Stack Developer


  • Maivy Ayman

    GDSC Lead

  • Amr Ashraf

    Co - Lead

  • Yaser Shaban

    Head Programming

  • Omar Farouk

    Vice Head Programming

  • Abdo Tolba

    Head Web

  • Mohamed Ahmed Abd El-Aleem

    Head Cyber Security

  • Matthew Mokhles

    Head Mobile Application

  • Amr Mohamed

    Head Data Science

  • Michael William

    Head Robotics

  • Karim Ehab

    Head Media & Marketing

  • Kero Haysam

    Vice Head Media & Marketing

  • Micheal Alkomosmosa

    Head Logistics

  • Bavly Samuel


    Vice Head Logistics

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