Frontend Web Development Study jam

A quick starter to frontend development with ReactJS.

Feb 20, 6:00 PM – Feb 26, 8:21 PM



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Wanna get into the web development field, but don't know where to start?

GDSC - ASU presents to you the frontend study jam, since frontend is a major part of web development, and every developer should at least have the ability to create a prototype for an idea with web.

In this study jam, we'll start with Javascript's basics down to creating a fully functional React frontend application, covering some major web concepts, such as components, props, states, reactivity, using REST APIs, and more...

The study jam doesn't require any prior knowledge with Javascript or React, as we'll start with their basics, and within 5 days, you'll feel comfortable building web apps with React, and going further and beyond with it!

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  • Khalid Dabbour

    GDSC Lead

  • Baraa Al-Masri

    Jordan Open Source Association

    GDSC Mentor

  • Eman Shadi

    Core Team Member

  • Ahmad Mahmoud

    Frontend Developer

    Core Team Member

  • Omar Masoud

    Core Team Member

  • Remas Mihyar

    Core Team Member

  • Dimah Mehdawi

    Core Team Member

  • Amal Khalil

    Core Team Member

  • Mohammad Shamali

    Core Team Member

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