Bridgeathon - Bridging Real World and Technology using HTML and CSS

The biggest problem faced by students who are getting started with building need of the hour Applications using any technology is understanding how technology and real-world go together. For this reason, the GDSC team at Anurag University aspires to bridge this gap between Real-world and technology using friendly tech-stack HTML and CSS.

About this event

Understanding the power of technology and the impact it can create in real-world problems is necessary for anyone starting up with building tech applications. It sure fascinates a beginner when they find out how the most basic lines of code they have written can turn out to be a real problem solver.

Consider the tech-stack HTML, CSS, JS. A student whose father owns a general store can create a basic web page through these languages which display all the items that are available in their father's store. This web URL can be shared with everyone in the locality and they can check whether the products that they want are in their store or not and if yes, they can directly ask the person for delivery. The items might change from time to time, but the changes can be easily be reflected on the website.

It is this ideology that we want our young learners to inculcate. "Irrespective of the technology, there is always something one can do with the tools in hand" and "Learn by doing". are also stressed in this event along with the basics of HTML and CSS.

The concepts will be explained with an example that students can use to relate the technology to the real world.

Join us at this event!