Web Development with HTML & CSS DAY 3

• Handson web development work shop with HTML CSS concepts • Create Landing Page and more interesting websites

Feb 3, 1:30 – 2:30 PM



Key Themes


About this event

Day 1

• Web Basics with Structure Introduction to programming in HTML and CSS

• Building Webpage HTML Forms Basics with Structures

• Responsive Design, Media queries and responsive CSS

• More HTML Elements | CSS Flexbox and Grid

• Mobile-first design principles

• Hands-On Exercise

Day 2

• Transitions and Animations CSS transitions: transition-property

Brief introduction to preprocessors like Sass or Less.

Basic usage and advantages

• Code organization and readability.

Naming conventions and best practices

Hands-On Exercise

Day 3

• Participants work on a more complex webpage

• Address common issues and challenges.

• Answer questions from participants.

• Provide additional resources for further learning

• Discuss potential next steps in their web development journey

Meet link - https://meet.google.com/uhi-xhkj-xcc


  • Amaan Shaikh


  • Siddiqa Shaikh

    GDSC Lead

  • Awaiz Khan

    Brand Engagement Core Member

  • Waqqas Malim

    Web Core Member

  • Shreyas Nair

    Content Core Member

  • Siddiqui Umar Farooque

    Technical Core Member

  • Shah Sharique

    UI/UX Design Core Member

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