How to win at Google Solution Challenge judging criteria discussions

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Not only the technical side is judged. To describe a problem, how big is the problem you solve is also crucial for victory!

With Central Asia's Developer Student Club leads we will analyze and discuss Solution Challenge judging criteria. Apply to the hackathon here:

Moderators: Ansar Khangeldin, Azizullo Temirov, Askar Aituov


  • Aziza Sydykova

    Aziza Sydykova

    American University of Central Asia

    GDSC Lead

  • Zhakshylyk Kalysbek uulu

    Zhakshylyk Kalysbek uulu

    Technical lead

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  • Nurbek Kubatbek

    Nurbek Kubatbek

    Project Manager

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  • Aidar Kazybekov

    Aidar Kazybekov


    Technical lead

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  • Begaiym Buzurmankulova

    Begaiym Buzurmankulova

    Outreach lead

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