Solution challenge problems - UN sustainable development goals

Almaty Management University
Thu, Feb 2, 4:30 PM (GMT+6)

About this event

Tony Lee Luen Len is a change agent who serves the new economy, the environment, and society.

He has served as CEO and Co-founder of anAngel since 2020, as well as Senior Partner at Ecosis (project consulting and management services since 2007, with a strong focus on smart sustainable solutions.

Tony Lee Luen Len is an expert at United for Smart Sustainable Cities, a member of the Standards Council, the founding director of the Green Building Council of Mauritius (GBCM), and a member of the UN-Habitat Digital Transformation Technical Working Group. He also has a wealth of experience in property development, project management, city science framework, quantity surveying, and blockchain for cities (United Nations Human Settlements Programme).