Algorand Blockchain Insight - An overview with Cosimo of Algorand Labs

We will dive into Algorand, one of the most powerful and sustainable Blockchains proposed by Silvio Micali, the only Italian who received the Turing Award. Cosimo Bassi of Algorand Labs will lead us to understand the main core points of this type of infrastructure, covering aspects starting from its architecture to the development of smart contracts. The event will be held in Italian.

About this event

Are you interested in Blockchain and Web3? This event is for you! 💻

In this event we will talk about Algorand, one of the most powerful and sustainable blockchain!  🚀

What we will see:

- Blockchain as an infrastructure

- Analog properties for Digital things

-  Consensus Algorithm: Pure Proof-of-Stake

- Algorand Sustainability

- Algorand Networks & Interoperability

- Algorand Standard Assets & Algorand Virtual Machine

- Smart Contracts on Layer-1 

- Smart Contract language: TEAL

❗️Keep an eye on this page, the event start time could change❗️