Web Development - From Zero to Pro - Study Session - Week2

Algoma University
Feb 10 - 11, 1:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Are you feeling stuck in basic Web development? or do you just want to revise it for a job interview?

Don't worry you're not alone. That's why we are setting up a Study Session on Web Development to go from Zero to Pro by building web-based projects.

It's fine, if your are a Beginner or Pro, we will go from basic HTML, CSS and Javascript to a little higher Frameworks like React and Angular by building web-based projects.

These sessions are the best fit for those who want to gain expertise in web development but find it more challenging and complex. As a solution for this, attain this informative session on web development where you will be going to learn all about the fundamentals and basics of web development. Even though you have no prior knowledge of how to develop and design the web, these sessions will be beneficial. In the end, you will not only be able to design your web page using your own innovative and creative ideas but also be capable enough to solve problems and work on various projects.

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