Python Automation – Automate your college work (Part of the Geeky weekend series)

Algoma University
Sat, Jan 29, 1:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Have you ever thought some college work can be automated using python? Rather than spending hours of looped days.

We got you, join our workshop, simplify your life and obviously chill out 😎

This workshop is for all Python enthusiasts who have a keen interest in automating the web browser using Python commands. No previous knowledge is required.

This workshop will be useful for all the students who are not familiar with python as well as for those students who want to test their technical skills with hand-on-projects to solve complex and real-world problems. In this workshop you will be going to learn about the new concept of how to use python commands for web automation, which is useful for testing, scraping data, getting concert tickets, filling in tedious forms using selenium. As a result, you will increase your knowledge and gain expertise in troubleshooting and debugging, python programming and version control. Moreover, this workshop is informative and fun.

Do join this virtual workshop on 29th January at 1:00 PM to learn more about python automation.

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