Feb 29, 3:00 – 4:30 PM



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🚀Unlock the Power of Data!🚀

Ready to dive deeper into the world of data analysis? Don't search too much because the SQL is back مع️ ✨

Al-Moradi Session will talk about the basic tool to convert raw data into actionable insight ... The SQL🧐

-What is SQL, if you don't know it is:

= Support column for data analysis, a versatile language used to communicate with data bases, so that data can be extracted, manipulated and analyzed accurately. Whether you're scrolling sales numbers, customer orientations or performance statistics, SQL turns numbers into decisions ️️

Don't let the data drown you, take the control, and I don't need to tell you that it's a skill that will strengthen your CV, simply because you have the ability to see beyond the numbers🔍

💡Don't forget our meeting on Thursday at 5 pm, God willing ان

Waiting for you👋🏻😎 


  • Peter Joseph

    GDSC Lead

  • rwida Elnaggar

    OC Head

  • Ahmed Bakkar


  • Ahmed Saeed

    Technical Head

  • Sally Osama

    HR Head

  • Yousef Frly

    Content Writer Head

  • Ahmed Saeed

    Head of technical

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