From Zero to Hero

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هيكون معانا سبكير مميزة وهي يارا خالد! 🎉

من هي يارا خالد ؟

هي طالبة هندسة ميكاترونكس في جامعة النيل

فازت بالمركز الاول مع فريقها على مستوى الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا في الـ solution challenge عام ٢٠٢٠ بمشروعها " Excellia "

المؤسسة و رئيسة DSC جامعة النيل

الحائزة مع فريقها على المركز الأول في جائزة NAWAH-2020 لشركتهم الناشئة BuoyBot.

تعمل على Excellia لطرحه في السوق العام المقبل ✨

كونوا بالقرب 💥

🔴الدخول في الوقت المحدد

يوم الأربعاء 28/4

الساعة 9 مساءا بتوقيت مصر

In every challenge that a person faces in their life, they need to hear about some success stories of people who were in the same position.

so that they can follow their approach and reach their Glory ✨

We announce the event of tomorrow, which will host the previous year's solution challenge winner: Yara Khaled.🎉

📌 Who is Yara Khaled?

She is a mechatronics engineering student at Nile University

She won in the Middle East and North Africa in the solution challenge in 2020 with her project "Excellia" with her team.

Founder and DSC Lead of Nile University

Winner of 1st place in the NAWAH-2020 award for their startup BuoyBot.

Working on Excellia to put it on the market next year ✨

Stay Tuned 💥