Java developer in 6 months

Aleksander Moisiu University of Durres
Apr 11 - Jun 24, 2022, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

‘Job ready’ project

The goals of this project are:

To increase students' technical knowledge in programming and graphic design

To help students develop the soft skills gained from group work for the realization of their portfolio projects

To acquaint students with the many opportunities offered by the field of technology and the labor market

To help develop students' personal discipline through the intensive course that takes place every day, from Monday to Friday (2 hours)

Help create a group of young professionals who are ready to join the job market and are guided by values such as respect, devotion, humility and a desire to always find ways to improve

The ‘Job ready’ project is built from 5 free courses, from language and programming courses: Java, JavaScript, Python, C ++ and Graphic design course. These have been selected to be treated as courses, as the areas of most interest and prosperity for the future.

The development period of this project is March - September 2022.

During the first 3 months students learn the basics of the selected course by following information from the best online sources, led by the organizer Ornela Rrustaj.

During the next 2 months, the students, after passing the initial level, start working in groups with projects supervised by mentors, to bring their level to average.

Mentors are professionals who offer their time and knowledge voluntarily.

The last month of project implementation is dedicated to the development of each student's personal portfolios, including projects developed in previous months. Also during this month students learn how to make their personal CV, how to look for a job, how to behave in interviews and how to pass the test exams given to you by employers during the recruitment period. For the development of formative trainings for entering the labor market, the club will be in cooperation with the career office of the university ‘Aleksander Moisiu’ Durres.