What is the Solution Challenge?

You will learn what is the Solution Challenge and know how to participate in it!

Feb 18, 2023, 1:30 – 2:00 PM



Key Themes

Solution Challenge

About this event

Have you ever thought about solving an issue in your environment?

Whether it was as small as a university issue or as big as life necessities, you are in the right place!

The Solution Challenge allows you to build those solutions and help many people, and if your idea helps a lot of people you will be provided with support to make it a reality!

Join us in the online meeting to learn more and clear any doubts you have about the Solution Challenge.

Learn more about the Solution Challenge: https://developers.google.com/community/gdsc-solution-challenge


  • Yazeed AlKhalaf


    Software Engineer


  • Khalil Melhem

    GDSC Lead

  • Dhoha Bediwi

    GDSC Co-Lead

  • Ayham Zeidan

    Event & PR Manager πŸ“§

  • Raghad Alsaleh

    Alyamamh University

    Event & PR Manager πŸ“§

  • Lulu Abdulhadi

    Event & PR πŸ“§

  • Abdulrhman Alhassun

    Artist 🎨

  • Aljazi Alshahrani

    Artist 🎨

  • Dalia Yousef

    Artist 🎨

  • Khaled Hazzam

    Artist 🎨

  • Osama Khlefawi

    Artist 🎨

  • Tala Aljifri

    Artist 🎨

  • Ward Mousa

    Artist 🎨

  • Bayan Alsahli

    Alyamama University

    Content Creator 🀳

  • Maryam Abdelaziz

    Content Creator 🀳

  • Abdullah Meraj

    Tech & Innovation πŸ’»

  • Adnan Chaar

    Tech & Innovation πŸ’»

  • Hala Alnadeem

    Tech & Innovation πŸ’»

  • lama Alm

    Tech & Innovation πŸ’»

  • Mohammed saad

    Tech & Innovation πŸ’»

  • Rawan Mortada

    Tech & Innovation πŸ’»

  • Reema Abdullah

    Tech & Innovation πŸ’»

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