GDSC WinterFest: TensorFlow Certification

HTU, Jandaweel, Amman, NA

This bootcamp is part of the larger GDSC WinterFest event, mainly catered towards AI students and enthusiasts.

Feb 14, 7:30 AM – Mar 13, 1:00 PM



Key Themes

ML Study JamMachine LearningTensorFlow / Keras

About this event

As part of GDSC WinterFest, this 7 session bootcamp introduced TensorFlow as a ML & AI tool. This bootcamp focused on covering the skillset required to obtain the TensorFlow certificate. This path mainly focused on Computer Vision & NLP models, where students learned the theoretical and technical use of the library. 



February 14 – March 13, 2024
7:30 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


  • Osama al - masri

    GDSC Lead

  • Abood JQ

    Event Manager

  • Zaid Khaled

    Photographer / Videographer

  • Shatha Bitar

    Core Member

  • Sama Arrabi

    Core Member

  • Raad Meryan

    Technical Consultant

  • Osama Qadoumi


  • Moustafa Hamdan

    Technical Consultant

  • Leen Shareef

    Core Member

  • lana sinokrot

    Public Relations Officer / Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Dia'a AL-Dweikat

    Chapter Co-Lead

  • Dana Al-Jamal

    Core Member

  • Toqa Khaled

    Core Member

  • Rama Selwadi

    Event Manager

  • Mohammed Ayyad

    Core Member

  • Salina Yamak

    Technical Consultant

  • Tameem Awad

    Social Media Admin

  • zaina itriq

    Technical Consultant

  • Mousa Arikat

    Technical Consultant

  • Alia AbuAmireh

    Video Editor

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