Competitive Programming

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Jan 6 - Feb 7, 8:44 AM (GMT+3)

About this event

Competitive Programming is a program that demonstrates ways in which programming problems of all difficulty can be solved using any programming language, but under time pressure.

These issues are usually related to mathematics and engineering, and sometimes they may relate to a problem that we want to solve on the ground using computers and algorithms.

Many programmers, myself included, consider competitive programming to be a sport, albeit mentally, and I will use this analogy a lot in my speech because competitive programming requires practice and persistence and is just as fun as soccer or other sports.

And because it's so fun many of us spend a lot of time practicing it, don't be surprised if you find that some people in the field train for 9 or 10 hours a day.

So we spent a whole month training


Jan 6 - Feb 7
8:44 AM (+03)


Saudi Arabia
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