Problem solving in software engineering

Akhbar El youm Academy
Tue, Dec 20, 2022, 7:00 PM (EET)

About this event

a series of mathematically based sequential steps is referred to as an algorithm. The algorithm was created in the ninth century AD by the scientist Abu Jaafar al-Khwarizmi, after whom it was called. 👀💡

In several branches of science, algorithms are employed skillfully. Logical analysis are used to build algorithms, which enable us to generate a variety of universes in our daily lives. 💰💰

Today, the world is thriving thanks to algorithmic thinking, which has evolved into a cosmic phenomenon that has sparked a significant advancement in contemporary technology that benefits us in our day-to-day activities.

We cannot approach an issue with the same thinking that produced it, according to Einstein.

Everyone is exposed to a set of problems in his daily life, and he still needs to solve them as soon as possible and with the best solution, and we use them in our daily lives to solve our problems by the best means, so what if it was in the field of programming

There are times when mistakes frequently happen, whether you are writing code or creating a project, and you must find a solution right away because time and money are limited.

We have the most essential speaker and influencer of his views on LinkedIn because algorithms generate an infinite multiverse.

The most LinkedIn influencer for his strong problem-solving interviews topics

Arslan Ahmed:

🔥 4-year Senior Software Engineer @ Facebook

🔥 2-year Senior Software Engineer @ Hulu

🔥 4-year Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

He will join us with the most significant sessions, he will let us into the closed universe with session

"Top Algorithms for Coding Interviews in Problem Solving"

He will dive into the best practices used to be good at problem-solving and the best platforms for problem-solving. 🦾

Stay for us at Tuesday 7 PM via Linkedin and Facebook

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