Google Cloud Jam-a-thon w/ Çalgan Aygün

Developing a Backend Service Python + App Dev: Deploying the Application Into Kubernetes Engine

Jan 2, 2021, 5:30 – 7:00 PM



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What is Cloud Jam-a-thon program?

Online Google Cloud trainings are great opportunities to learn new technologies and they can provide you with skills that you can use for personal development or career advancement. You can access our online labs for free on the Qwiklabs platform.

You can learn any of the current topics such as Infrastructure Modernization, App Development, BigQuery, Machine Learning & AI. After attending the training, you can continue to do the labs and earn badges that you can add to your Linkedin & CV.

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  • Çalgan Aygün

    DSC Hacettepe - GDG Ankara



  • Naci Harman

    GDSC Lead

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