Google Summer of Code with GDSC! ☀️

Roadmap to GSOC and other Open Source Programs with Kumar Saurabh Raj!

About this event

☀️Google Summer of Code☀️

with Google Developer Student Clubs!


📌 What is Open Source?

📌 Roadmap to GSOC

📌 How to find organizations and start contributing?

📌 How to draft a proposal?

📌 Other Open Source Programs MLH Fellowship, Outreachy, Github Externship, LFX and more!

🤝 Meet Kumar Saurabh Raj from GSOC'21, Incoming IBM Research CERN

🤝 Meet Harsh Bardhan Mishra from GSOC'21, with more than 2.8K contributions on Github!

🗓 - 03/04/2022, Sunday

🕐 - 03:00PM IST