Google Cloud Career Practitioner Campaign

Classroom No. 505, - AISSMS IOIT PUNE, 411005 AISSMS Institute of Information Technology - Pune
Thu, Nov 24, 2022, 1:00 PM (IST)

We extend our congratulations to each and every cloud enthusiast who has joined the Google Cloud Career Practitioner Program. This will be an informative session on how to begin the GCCP and provide tips on how to finish the pathways.

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About this event

 Welcome to Google Cloud Career Practitioner Campaign.

The Google Cloud Career Practitioner Campaign, presented to you by GDSC AISSMS IOIT. It is an opportunity to launch your career in the cloud and gain practical experience with the Google Cloud Platform, the collection of cloud computing services that underpins popular web applications like Google Search, Gmail, Drive.

Agenda of the session:

  1. What is Cloud?
  2. What is Google Cloud Career Practitioner Program?
  3. Get started with GCCP.
  4. Introduction to Google Cloud
  5. Google Cloud Skills Boost, Badges, and Certifications
  6. Careers & Opportunities in Google Cloud
  7. QnA.




Thursday, Nov 24
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM (IST)


Classroom No. 505,