S01 E08: سالوشن چیلنج کیا ہے ؟

Air University
Tue, Jan 24, 8:00 PM (PKT)

"Introductory session on the Google Solution Challenge."

About this event

Are you ready to turn your innovative ideas into real-world impact? 🤩 Because Solution Challenge is waiting for you. But...

" سالوشن چیلنج کیا ہے ؟" 🤔

Gain invaluable insights on acing the Solution Challenge from our special guest speaker, Mughees Pervaiz, a former GDSC Lead and one of the top 50 finalists of the last challenge 🎉

Learn about cutting-edge technologies and discover how to apply them to solve pressing issues in your region. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and gain the tools and resources to bring your ideas to life.

RSVP now for the Google Solution Challenge Info Session organized by GDSC-DSU, GDSC-AU, and GDSC-NCBA&E and unlock your innovation potential 🚀